My Lead System PRO A User’s Insight

11 Feb

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“Making your way in the world today takes everything you got”. This line was made popular by a 80’s sitcom that revolved around a bar and it’s patrons. As a kid growing up and watching this show, this line holds no merrit to a child whose only thing he needed to make it was a bicycle, mud and plenty of friends. But today, reading that quote and reflecting on what it means holds new value to me as a business person. Knowing what it takes and applying yourself in this industry sometimes isn’t enought to make it in the world today. Sometimes basic principles and philosophies on old school techniques aren’t providing you with the results you want. If you are involved in MLM, direct sales, online business, or a work at home business, chances are you have tried all the old school methods and had success with them but sometimes a person needs to go that extra step to get the results they really want.

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How to Earn $50 an Hour Online Like Clockwork (Hint – Convert Your Content Into CASH!)

11 Feb

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Is earning $50 an hour online too good to be true? Do I need to be a guru, learn some strange gimmick or buy a whole bunch of marketing gadgets to make amazing money working from home? And what is the very BEST way to get started online… WITHOUT needing to invest hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on learning every new “ninja” skill under the sun, or buying every product launch product in the pipeline?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe is the very BEST way to earn $50 an hour or above online…..starting right now, and answer a few common questions many newbies have before they begin. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

The Easiest Way to Start Making AMAZING Money Online… WITHOUT Previous Experience?

Good question! In my view, converting your content into cash is the “universal” strategy that everyone can apply, without alot of experience or investment.
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Social Media Engagement: Future Trends

11 Feb

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Not long ago we kept waiting on the friendly neighbourhood postman or the long distance call for that matter. More recently, it’s the ubiquitous email. Come the present and things have notched up. We experience tweets, Facebook posts and updates continually. Not to mention the instant aspect of it all. This evolution in getting engagement social will reach newer heights in the future. There will hardly be any differentials between the real and virtual world. With this, we will look at potential trends shaping the near future.

The Rise of Location-Based Functions

Location-dependent services like Gowalla, Foursquare will dominate the prospective future. Brand agencies will continue to shape the already expanding service across various demographics, topography as well as regions. The populace will fancy leveraging content which is locale related. In addition, they will share such content, turning it into a closer social connection while being relevant. Currently, location-dependent services via mobiles make up for more than 50 million users. This will further perk up to 500 million users by the end of this year. By 2014, the services will contribute about $12.7 billion.
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Guaranteed SEO – Getting the Internet Marketing Results You Are Looking For

11 Feb

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Internet marketing is a lot more complicated than people realize. The common misconception is that all you need to do is spread your website link on a few social networking websites and you will have traffic streaming to your site. The truth is that search engine optimization, or SEO, marketing requires years of experience and understanding before it can become guaranteed SEO. Another thing that you have to look for is how to execute ethical SEO practices. If you do not follow the rules set forward by the major Internet search engines, then your website may never show up on the first page of pertinent search results and your page could get banned from search engine results completely.

A guaranteed SEO campaign is one that is put together by a knowledgeable and experienced Internet marketing firm. Your website content can be one of the greatest Internet marketing tools you have if it is utilized properly. You need to generate several lists of relevant keywords that can be put into content that will appear on your website. It sounds easy, but it is not. There are several rules you need to follow when creating the content and placing it on your website before it will start getting you the best possible search engine results. If you are unfamiliar with those rules and break them with your content, then your site could disappear from search engines for at least 30 days.
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Internet Marketing – Make Money Online

11 Feb

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Today’s internet offers itself as a powerful way to make money in the 21st century. One can simply go out and set up an affiliate sales business online in an hour or two and be making money within 24 hours. These are often scrutinized as scams or pyramids by those who do not understand the concept of internet marketing. One must be patient to examine the parameters of the information being offered so as not to be taken advantage of. But enough about scams.

When a person has a product, he or she needs a venue within which it can be sold. In the case of an online marketer, they generally do not wish their product be placed in a physical store to be seen by a smaller customer base. They choose the internet where they can reach literally millions of people at any time of day. This offers a broader customer base and doesn’t limit sales to only when the store is open. This is just the beginning of how internet marketing works.
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Quality Content Is What Draws Thousands Of Visitors Daily

11 Feb

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What is it that your audience likes the most about you? Think very hard about that question. Is it the amazing design skill that you have? The domain name? Perhaps the sense of community that goes on in the forums and comments sections? Whatever you think it is that brings the audience in and keeps them there, it all boils down to one thing and one thing alone: quality content. Without it, none of the advantages listed above would be able to sustain the audience necessary to get things done. But how do you develop quality content, and how do you keep it going over the long haul? The answer to your future lies in your beginnings.

What are you passionate about?

Your passion is what will determine the creative direction of your site. It will decide what types of audio, video, and textual content that people have access to when they drop by your URL. If you are not passionate about the topic that represents your website, it will show through in the presentation, and you will soon find those traffic numbers dwindling. So don’t move to another point in the website’s progression until you have nailed down what you’re passionate about and you have weighed it against what your knowledge and expertise is. The only way that you can truly develop a passion is to feed it through research and development. You want to learn as much as you can, so all the content doesn’t sound the same. You want to deal with various avenues within the cityscape of your passion. Then and only then will you progress to the next step.
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The Internet Business Model For Passionate Entrepreneurs

11 Feb

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The Internet has been around for a while now. Having gone through the dot com bubble, web 2.0, social media till today, the Internet has all but evolved. However, it still remains a mass enabler. It reduces entry costs and the running costs of your business. It allows any business owner small or big to harness the power of a global economy. If you have not harnessed the power of the internet, or perhaps you have but not in a big way, this article talks about the different ways to integrate an internet business model for your company. Being an entrepreneur spreading your passion with your business, the internet allows your dreams to come true and turn your passion your profits.
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